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DS Parking Solutions specializes in turning parking facilities into optimized, revenue-generating hubs. With a laser focus on efficient space utilization, user satisfaction, and revenue maximization, we’re dedicated to transforming parking operations into an unparalleled success story.

Who We Are

DS Parking Solutions services involves the implementation and coordination of various strategies to efficiently and effectively manage parking facilities. These services focus on optimizing the usage of parking spaces, enhancing the overall user experience, and maximizing revenue for parking facilities. DS parking Solution is dedicated and committed to the success of each and every aspect of parking operations. You can be confident that we will do whatever it takes to ensure a successful partnership with your facility. The goal of DS Parking Solutions is to create a well-organized, convenient, and sustainable parking environment for both facility operators and users, reducing congestion and improving overall efficiency


To be a leading parking management service provider, recognized for our commitment to excellence, customer-centric focus, and sustainable parking solutions. We aim to be a contributing factor in accessibility to city parking especially in an ever growing population


To provide creative and efficient parking management solutions that optimize space and improve the overall parking experience for our clients and their customers.

Service Philosophy

Our service philosophy is simple. We work to improve the guest experience. In a service environment, first impressions last. As the first impression, we have an opportunity to set the tone for the guest experience. As the last impression, we have the opportunity to leave the guest with a memorable experience.

We execute our service philosophy by employing the best people, training and technology in the industry.

Our Values

Here are the core values that upholds DS Parking Solutions.

  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Accountability
  • Caution
  • Respect

Our services

Parking facility design and layout

Planning and organizing parking spaces to maximize capacity and ease of use for users.

Parking technology

Implementing smart parking solutions, such as automated payment systems, parking guidance systems, and mobile apps for booking and payment.


Monitoring parking areas to ensure compliance with rules and regulations, issuing citations for violations, and maintaining order

Revenue management

Developing pricing strategies and payment options to optimize revenue generation for parking operators.

Maintenance and security

Regular maintenance and security measures to ensure the safety and functionality of the parking facility.

Customer service

Providing assistance and support to users, addressing their queries, and ensuring a positive parking experience

DSPS Operations

We create a five-star environment for guests. Each location we staff will have at least one attendant present in the staging area at all peak times. This attendant will be supported by an efficient number of staff and have a uniquely colored ticket used to identify the drop-off location. This ticket will be printed with instructions for text in vehicle retrieval. We provide a cell phone for notification of an awaiting vehicle pick-up and radios for communication between our staff.


Management audits sites during peak business hours to ensure revenue controls and assist with parking operations. Manager will be the point of contact. Managers are supported by regional managers and director of operations.

Our Goals

  • Improved traffic flow
  • Increased guest satisfaction
  • Increase safety
  • Service consistency

Screening & Compliance

DSPS maintains files on all current employees. All compliance information is stored securely in an employee’s file along with documentation of any policy infractions, commendations and a copy of their valid driver’s license.

  • Online reputation screening
  • Phone interview
  • Live interview
  • Motor Vehicle Report: Our insurance company is notified of any changes in the driving records of our staff. This is communicated to us to ensure that all working employees remain in compliance.

Employee Benefits

Industry Leading Pay Rates

We pay our attendants a higher hourly rate than is typical. This is a critical point, since the quality of any service program depends on the quality of the employees.

Benefits – 401K and Healthcare

We offer healthcare and 401K with matching to all
employees, not just our management team.

Award Performance Bonuses

Employees who receive exceptional feedback from our clients are rewarded with an award. Their prize for exemplifying our core values is a DSPS polo shirt and a $50-$150 bonus.

Flexible scheduling

  • Tuition reimbursement for the National Parking Association’s Certified Parking Professional Program
  • Leadership development program and opportunities for career advancement.
  • Annual award party

What Our Clients Say

Contact Us

Phone: 678-372-4805
Phone: 917-455-5230
Email: Info@dspminc.com
Adress: 10613 Veterans memorial hwy, Lithia Springs Ga 30122